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We’re so excited to lead you through a Goldsmith Experience here at the Den! Thank you for checking out what amazing hands-on workshops we have to offer. Before we get our creative sides going, please read our checklist below in full so you are ready to start this adventure:

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  • All public Silver fabrication workshops are $199 per seat
    Gold Workshops are $499
    Private workshops start at $459

  • 2+ seats registering together is eligible for a private experience!
  • You must be above the age of 18 to participate and have a government issued photo id (cannot accept health care)

  • No materials are included – you decide how much you want to work with!
  • Silver is available at $5 per gram – Gold is custom to you (let’s talk)
  • Add-on projects start as a base cost of $25 for non-reusable’s including solder, chemicals, gas and extra time for your instructors.

  • No contact lenses allowed for safety reasons
  • Good eye-sight close up is necessary, glasses are safe!
  • Booked appointments only – no drop in’s!
  • If at any time your instructor feels you are a disturbance or liability to the workshop, you will be asked to leave. You are not entitled to a refund at that point. We are working with potentially dangerous tools when misused.
  • Not arriving on-time for your consultation will result in rescheduling your class as you won’t be prepared! Missing your class will result in a $30 per seat rescheduling fee to re-book.
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