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The Den Workshops & Rentals
are subject to the following purchase policy:


We’re so excited to lead you through a Goldsmith Experience here at the Den! Thank you for checking out what amazing hands-on workshops we have to offer. Before we get our creative sides going, please read our purchase policy below in full so you are ready to start this adventure:

  • ***By booking or confirming your workshop dates you are hear by agreeing to the
    Purchase Terms, Conditions & Liability Policy’s set forth by the Den Toronto and its representatives.

  • All Giftcards sold at a promotional price as subject to the following terms:
    a. Promotional Values has a 3month expiry, from date of purchase. After the expiry date, they are worth paid value.
    b. Should your 3 months overlap our blackout dates Feb 9th – 19th you will have an extension on your expiry.

  • 2+ seats registering together are eligible for a private experience for $59 upgrade! Unless purchased through a reseller.

  • You must be above the age of 18 to participate
  • No materials are included – you decide how much you want to work with!
  • Silver is available at $5 per gram – Gold is custom to you (let’s talk)
  • Add-on projects start as a base cost of $25 for non-reusable’s and extra time

  • No contact lenses allowed for safety reasons
  • Good eye-sight close up is necessary, glasses are safe!
  • Booked appointments only – no drop in’s!
  • If at any time your instructor feels you are a disturbance or liability to the workshop, you will be asked to leave. You are not entitled to a refund at that point. We are working with potentially dangerous tools when misused.
  • Not arriving on-time for your consultation will result in rescheduling your class as you won’t be prepared! Missing your class will result in a $30 per seat rescheduling fee to re-book.


  Standard Workshop Terms and Conditions

I acknowledge my enrollment in the indicated Den workshop and understand that I must be 18 years of age or older to attend and/or participate in any programs offered by the Den.
I accept the Liability and Assumption of Risk Waiver as detailed by the Den.
I agree to abide by all the rules and regulations as set out by The Den and its instructors.
I may be liable to dismissal if an instructor or booking agent deems it necessary, therefore not completing any of my workshops and being refused any refund.
I understand that my enrollment does not guarantee that I will be booked into my desired program start time or class date and that I may be required to reschedule for another workshop date.
I agree that if I fail to show up to any scheduled workshop date that I am not entitled to a refund. Rescheduling is at the full discretion of the Den.

Refund Policy

If a participant wishes to withdraw from a workshop they have 5 days from the date of purchase if a workshop has not been booked to receive a full refund. After participate has entered the registration process there will be 15% administrative fee taken from the full workshop fee.

Any workshop cancellations or rescheduling must happen within 72 hours of booking request for a workshop.
Otherwise, the participant is not entitled to any refund.

If notice of cancellation has not been given within 72 hours of date request participant will receive no refund.  However, they may transfer their place to someone else as long as the Den is notified and the replacement participant meets all minimum requirements for participation in the workshop.

If a participant is no longer able to take the workshop due to personal scheduling conflicts, they may transfer their registration to an identical upcoming workshop provided that the Den has been contacted within 72 hours after the Den having sent an official confirmation of workshop.

Any requests received after 72 hours will be subject to rescheduling/administrative fees.

All refunds will be provided using same payment method the workshop was purchased with.  If you purchased a workshop through a reseller there are no refunds, you are subject to the terms of your purchase agreement with your distributor

All used or unused workshop materials are liable to a 20% restocking fee upon cancellation or return of a workshop. Any materials left behind will be returned to the suppliers. Your material funds will be returned minus the restocking fee. The Den is not required to purchase back or accept the return of precious materials that have been custom ordered for a participant’s project.

Workshop Cancellation Policy

In case of a workshop cancellation by the Den, participants may have their registration transferred to an identical upcoming workshop at no additional fee OR receive a full refund minus a 15% administrative fee if they do not wish to reschedule.

Workshop cancelations within 5 days of there workshop date do not qualify for a return.

All refunds will be provided using the same payment method the workshop was purchased with
(including Den Dollars). If you purchased a workshop through a reseller there are no refunds, you are subject to the terms of your purchase agreement with your distributor

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