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Our Approach


Your jewellery, your way. The concept is simple. The Den share’s their passion and expertise in precious metal fabrication with the general public in a completely hands-on experience. We have the knowledge – you have the ideas! Together we can put them to life.

Concentrating on key fundamentals, we lead you every step of the way while offering an abundance of tips, tricks and education. Our methods, metals and practices are an open book to anyone who wants to read up. Just want the experience? That’s okay too! Our teaching style allows you to follow along step by step in a simple, elegant fashion. Maximize your time with multiple projects or keep it basic, without sacrificing the amazing final project  you’ll be creating. Celebrate you. Wear you.

Fashion is about something that comes from within you


The Values


What makes the Den different is our belief in sustaining the artist community. Our talented team members are all various artists and entrepreneurs, our green studio practices and recycled metals keep our world impact at a minimal and our hands-on approach helps everyone to understand their metal jewellery.

Participating as sponsors in many art festivals and donating workshops and made in house pieces to charity fundraisers, we give and feel the love.


We Love What We Do

All our instructors are graduates in their field, our office team pursuing the experience and education to keep small businesses in Toronto going. We work hard for the ability to always do what we love.


It's All About You

We book around your schedule, and with public classes running weekends and evenings all year round we always have time for you.


Live It

We are active both in and outside of the studio, always striving to support local artists and small businesses.


Get the inside information

We offer monthly education packages and extended learning – for free.


Believe It

Your unique – so should your jewellery be. We know everyone has their own story – we’ll help you share it!


We use our muscel

Hammering or typing – we’re always busy bees working for you

Our Story


The Beginning

How did the Den turn from community studio for students to Toronto’s most popular goldsmith learning experience? Quite organically in fact. People were so drawn to the energy in the space that friends and clients started hanging out to watch and learn while their projects were coming to life in the hands of enthusiastic young jewellers. 

The Light Bulb 

Master Goldsmith and Entrepreneur Kristin Calkins started the Den as an affordable and community focused studio for jewelers without limitations to their creative endeavors. Mostly students and learn-it-all’s, there was a huge sharing of education to the point where people started asking: “Can I do that?”
A light bulb went off. “Yes, you can!”

New Generation

Now 6 years later we are sharing our passion and education every week in our hands-on workshops and grown from a one woman team to a team of 9; all here to expand Toronto’s creative scene and keep people trying new things! Join our learn-it-all community and keep the fire lite, literally. 

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