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Project Description

Product Pic - PSRW ProductDuration:  5 hours (1 day)

Materials: Approximately $20-40, but could be higher or lower, depending on the projects chosen. Your First 3 project overhead fees are included in your workshop cost. Each additional project starts at $30.  Sterling silver is $5/g


In this Adventure:
In this workshop students are given multiple strips of sterling silver and are guided by our in-house goldsmith through the process of making multiple silver band rings efficiently. Sterling silver is a white metal that is easy to work with and a great medium to begin your explorations into working with fine metal. Silver is very conductive, which means it transfers heat very easily. It is so fun finding out what the benefits and challenges associated with every kind of metal are!

Choose between making a wide or thin band, hammered texture or non-textured surface. At the end of this session you will have gained basic knowledge of industry nomenclature and will have a better appreciation for the process involved in making jewellery from fine metal.

Your hands and eyes will be trained to do things a whole new way. Pay attention to the fine details that make a well-made piece of jewellery like: even metal thickness, quality of the polish, proper solder seams. You will start to notice things about jewellery that you had never seen before. We will teach you the right way to achieve a quality silver ring that won’t break.

We encourage you to pick up some tools and let us show you how to make a lasting piece of art you can be proud of.

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