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Project Description

DwarfishRunesSpinnerRingStampDuration: 4-5 hours (1 day)

Materials: Sterling Silver; Approximately $50-$150, but could be higher or lower, depending on the projects chosen.




In this Adventure:

Always fidgeting with something? Add an interactive fun factor to your ring by making it spin!

Combine several rings into one masterpiece that moves as you do.

In this 5 hour workshop students use their basic skills from Ring 1 and 2 to make the ultimate ring. Using several strips of sterling silver students are guided by our in-house goldsmith through the process of making a fully functioning and fun spinner ring that you’ll be so proud to show off. Sterling silver is a white metal that is easy to work with and a great medium to begin your explorations into working with fine metal. Silver is very conductive, which means it transfers heat very easily. It is so fun finding out what the benefits and challenges associated with every kind of metal are!

Choose your basic ring dimensions, finish to polish or texture or choose from a selection of amazing patterns. At the end of this session you will have completed and gained the knowledge for an advanced fine metal project that you’ll be spinning for years to come.

You’ll gain the confidence of applying what you’ve already learned at the Den and successfully use it to make a moving piece of wearable art. You’ll surprise yourself at how much you’ll remember and be able to keep growing on your creative path.

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