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Project Description

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Duration: 5 hours

Materials: Sterling Silver; Approximately $20-$150, but could be higher or lower, depending on the projects chosen.


In this Adventure:

The next level of ring creation. Now you know the basics of a simple project, so let’s step it up and add even more personality. Most things in life are guided by a hand, so why not take the time to make yours look spectacular by wearing your own ring creations. If you are considering this as your first workshop, private classes are mandatory.

Make is a gift! Nothing is more beautiful than the hand-made piece of jewellery! Make it for yourself or a loved one; your sterling silver ring will be a symbol of your superior skills and handiness.

In this 5 hour workshop students are given the tools to expand on their basic ring making knowledge gained from a class here at the Den (Rings 1) and are guided by our in-house goldsmith through the process of making a more complex band ring. Creations in this workshop use sterling silver because it is a white metal that is easy to work with, therefore a great medium for your continued beginning explorations in working with fine metal.

Choose your basic dimensions and finished surface with the options as in Rings I, but you choose a custom design or symbol to be pierced into your band (see piercing projects) or cut out to solder as a feature on your ring. You could also other design such as tension set your rings, or a twisted wire. At the end of this session you will be amazed at how much you’ve retained and grown from your first workshop and built on your basic knowledge foundation of precious metal fabrication.

Your hands and eyes will be trained to do things a whole new way. Pay attention to the fine details that make a well-made piece of jewelry like: even metal thickness, quality of the polish, proper solder seams. You will start to notice things about jewelry that you had never seen before. We will teach you the right way to achieve a quality silver ring that won’t break.

We encourage you to keep learning and loving jewelry with us at the Den.

In this level II ring workshop we are starting to scratch the surface of creative possibilities.

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