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Project Description

Product Pic - PiercingDuration: 3-4 hours x 1 day

Materials: Approximately $50-$150, cost of the piece can vary depending on project and materials you choose.



In this Adventure:
Students are given the opportunity to fabricate a simple silver pendant of their own design. This workshop takes your basic knowledge and skill in fabrication to the next level. You are fired up about soldering, you have handled the big files, and you have a firm grip on your sawing. Now stretch your design muscle and create a pendant of your very own!

In the first session the instructor will explain the finer points of bale (the piece that allows your pendant to be put on a chain) form and function, teaching you the different configurations that will affect the way your pendant hangs. If you want it to stay still, move around, or even spin we can teach you how to get it done. You can experiment with texturing the surface to add some interest too! The attention spent on the fine details will greatly affect the overall character of your pendant. Not only will your pendant look amazing but it will hang properly on its chain as well!

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