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Project Description

Product Pic - GuitarPickDuration: to be determined

Materials: to be determined




In this Adventure:

This is a private workshop for 2 people. The starting price includes the first 3 hours of studio time, and a consultation to determine your unique design needs. Additional design and workshop time are available for $45/hour.

Custom does not have to mean costly. Avoid all the extra costs that come with shopping at retail outlets. The Den is the place to go if you are looking for something exciting and different. Our cool creative atmosphere is part of the service that we offer. Our customer base is comprised of people who don’t want to settle for the norm.

Can’t find the bling you’re looking for in stores? Seen something online and can’t find it? Or maybe it’s just not quite perfect? Make your design dreams a reality with the help of The Den’s team of goldsmiths! Snap a picture or sketch out your design and bring it in to a consultation with one of our goldsmiths to make your vision come to life.

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