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Project Description

CoolRingDuration: 8 hours x 6 days (Saturdays @10am – bring a lunch – there is a kitchenette)


Materials: Sterling silver or Gold and consumables, Approximately $50-$150; cost of the piece can vary depending on project and materials you choose.



In this Adventure:
What item is your wardrobe missing? Chances are, your hat / jacket lapel would be way cooler with pin on it. Nothing tops a sophisticated look like a few well-placed custom made items.

You are the designer now. Maybe you want to make a set of Jewellery that shares a common design element. Maybe you want to make a few different pieces that don’t look alike at all. Jewellery doesn’t have to be restricted to earrings, rings, and pendants. You could make Jewellery that has a purpose like belt buckles, buttons, tie clips, cuff-links and hair accessories. Let your mind run free and let us help you make that customized accessory that you have been lacking!

This intermediate class is for students who want to have carte blanche in the design process. If you enjoy wire bending over sawing and filing or vice versa it is up to you. You can make it any way you want!

In the Independent Study Workshop students are given the choice to make whatever form of Jewellery their skill level will allow. Use your knowledge of goldsmithing to really express yourself in a really cool piece of Jewellery or a whole collection of fashionable Jewellery that you made! Over a span of 5 weeks you will design and make a set of jewellery using sterling silver or gold sheet and wire. You can add some color by choosing from our collection precious and semi-precious gemstones or try out different surface texturing techniques. This is your chance to design and fabricate your very own creation under the supervision of the in-house goldsmith. We will guide you in what tools and techniques will give you the results you are looking for. Surprise yourself what you can do with your skills in soldering, bending, forming, and gem setting.

Week 1  |  Silver Rings II – Level 2 rings  (ie. spinner rings) no prerequisite

Week 2  |  Stone Setting Workshop –  Applications for Rings, Pendants, Cuffs & Earrings

Week 3  |  Piercing Workshop –  Applications for Money Clips, Pedants, Cuffs/Bangles & Rings

Week 4  |  Fire, Fusing, and Chain Workshop –  Experiment with metal fusing to create a super relaxed organic piece; along with chain making

Week 5 & 6 |  Independent Project Work – Have the freedom to work on any new pieces, using your newly learned skills; or finish up any remaining workshop pieces

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