Bottle Opener 2016-11-11T10:14:55-05:00

Project Description

Duration: 3-4 hours (1 day)

Materials: Your first bottle opener blank is included, with a second available for $25

In this Adventure:
In this workshop students are given a steel blank to pierce, etch, drill and burr a custom design into! Spiff up your bartender’s uniform or even your home bar with yours or a company’s name! Also perfect for logo’s, symbols or a completely original simple design – you choose. Just bring in your ideas.

Challenge your creative side is this illustrative metal working project!

To practiced artist’s, painters, cartoonists, sculptures and all other form illustrative and 3D art, the Den would like to invite you to try working your magic in this new medium. Use your your keen artist’s eye and put your hands to the test! You’ll have a whole new understanding and respect for different style of canvas.

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