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Project Description

Product Pic - EFFICENCYDuration: 4.5 hours x 2 days

Materials Included: Brass and silver for class use only

Additional Materials: Approximately $20/ring; cost of each ring can vary depending on the ring size
and how many you choose to keep.

In this Adventure:
So you have some previous goldsmithing experience, but you aren’t entirely confident in your skills. Building on your base knowledge, we will show you how to minimise your make time and maximise the quality of your work. We use the basic form of the band ring to instil good work habits into your bench routine. Our in-house goldsmith will help you hone your skills in our 3-day band ring boot camp!

The Efficiency Workshop is for people who want to apply for a bench Jewellery job but don’t think they are ready. They have no idea how fast they can actually work or if they can meet their future employer’s standards. In short they lack confidence in their goldsmithing skills and are looking for a workshop that will shape them up.
Time is money. Our instructors will make you into lean mean production machines. In this intensive workshop we stress the need for perfection and proper time management in every step of the fabrication process. Students are a given strips of silver to make in to polished rings that are the right size, perfectly polished with no firescale and with a good soldier seam. They have to complete this task within a time limit and meet all the criteria to get a passing grade.

Our instructors stress the need for perfection and proper time management in every step of the fabrication process. It is important to know your worth when pricing out an order especially if a client asks for a quote on a bulk order, sometimes it takes brutally underpricing yourself a few times to learn the lesson that you don’t know how much your time is really worth. It is a lesson you can afford to avoid. Spend some time honing your skills; when your next big commission comes along you will be glad you did.

Skills Learned:
How to create a calming atmosphere that is conducive to production
Organization and time management skills
Proper hand tool usage to maximize your production
Proper bench habits
Polishing techniques
Pre-finishing techniques
How to recognize firescale and how to remove it quickly

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