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DONATE – Support Local Artists

Workshops are Resuming Summer/Fall 2020


Valued Members, Followers and New Guests

As a small business that has been defined up to now by its guests physical interaction with our space, we are having to find a new means of survival through this new age of social distancing.  It has been a harsh reality that we have all been stuck with, but we must adhere to rules and regulations that Toronto Public Health has issued.   Unfortunately, this means closing our onsite doors until such time as the community is no longer at threat.

DONATE – Support Local Artists

We’re so excited to lead you through a Goldsmith Experience here at the Den!  Thank you for checking out what amazing hands-on workshops we have to offer you this summer and fall.

DONATE – Support Local Artists

In the meantime, our favorite Ring Customization & Ring Fabrication workshops that you have all come to adore will be available by a “Pay What You Can Donation or Regular Gift-Card”.   With you choice of, either a physical (in studio) or remote (over the computer) workshop.

  • Donations $30.00 – $69.00 – you will receive a 2 hours Stamping Workshop Gift-Card

  • Donations Over $70.00 – you will receive a 6 hours Fabrication Workshop Gift-Card

  • Biggest Donator award will get a 3 month Membership to The Den,
    (3 months of free public workshops plus a private experience)

  • One Workshop Seat Per Donation.

  • Silver is available at $5 per gram

DONATE – Support Local Artists

By purchasing Gift Cards or Donating now, for a workshop later, you are supporting  a local community business through this hard time.  We want to thank you for all of you love and support, and we can not wait to get back in the studio with you later this summer/fall.

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Are You Workshop Ready?

hr Before attending please read our checklist below in full so you are ready to start this adventure:

Explore Our Workshop Options
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  • You must be above the age of 18 to participate

  • You must have a government issued photo id (cannot accept health care)

  • No contact lenses allowed for safety reasons
  • Indoor Closed Toes Shoes

  • Good eye-sight close up is necessary, glasses are safe!
  • Booked appointments only – no drop in’s!
  • Not arriving on-time for your consultation 30min pre workshop will result in rescheduling your class as you won’t be prepared! Missing your class will result in a loss of your deposit.  Should you decide to reschedule you will be charged only a *30/seat fee to re-book your spot instead.   (*15% of your workshops full price)

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