Ways to Recycle or Fix Old Jewellery

By: Barb H

Maybe you inherited a few pieces of jewellery from a family member or have your own that simply no longer are in fashion. While individual pieces can invoke sentimental feelings, a newly designed piece made from the original gold and stones can become something much more. There are several options for anyone wishing to breathe new life into old, tired, and worn-out pieces of jewellery.

Cash for Gold

Gold is worth money and businesses like Oliver Jewellery offer cash for your old, unwanted, or even damaged gold. It can be gold rings, bracelets, chains, earrings, and charms.

Recycle Gold Into Something New

Real gold and genuine stones endure, even if the jewellery’s style or setting becomes outdated or even damaged. Real gold can be melted down, reshaped, and crafted into a new design that suits your taste and personal style. Jewellery has the potential to be one of the most creatively recycled items on the planet.

Ways to recycle old jewellery include:

Turn great-grandmother’s wedding ring set into a stunning new engagement ring for your fiancée.
Redesign your own wedding band into a new look for a milestone anniversary.
Have damaged solid gold earrings and an old gold bangle bracelet recycled into a set of new hoop earrings.

Repair Old Jewellery

At The Den jewellery workshops you can learn how to repair and revive old rings and more. There’s nothing more satisfying than slipping on a gorgeous ring that you had a hand in fixing, polishing, or even collaborating on design. Our custom goldsmiths can teach you what you need to know about your gold and other jewellery — from care to repair.

Don’t let that old jewellery sit in a box or drawer any longer. Sell it for cash, recycle it, or register for a Den jewellery workshop today.

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